Arcade 2.0 - Interactive Demos in Minutes

Published on
July 31, 2023

Arcade is the most intuitive way to showcase your product, letting prospective users try before they buy, and turning all users into power users. Create interactive demos in minutes that can be embedded on websites, blog posts, email, or tweets. Try Arcade today:

How? Just click ‘record’ and Arcade will automatically stitches together all actions (clicks, scrolls, etc), screen captures, videos, and tooltips. Add prompts to the hotspots (and change their color) to provide users with more context, and help push them further into product, and down funnel.

Arcade’s out of the box Analytics help you quickly identify which parts of the product experience resonate most with your audience. Easily adjust demo flows to include new features, or based on what you discover in Analytics. Updates will automatically reflect in published Arcades.

Share Arcade’s interactive demos throughout the customer journey - on your website, in emails, on social, blogs posts and changelogs, and even in your application - to help drive interest, and ultimately make all users power users.

Arcade makes it possible for you to lean into the Product-Led Growth movement by showcasing your product right where your customers expect.

Arcade is for marketers, product managers, sales reps, developers, customer support/success managers, or anyone who wants to show, not tell.

Try Arcade today:

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