Square Register is open for business

Published on
July 21, 2023

See the new Square Register at http://www.square.com.

Square Register is the world’s first fully integrated point of sale with hardware, software, and a payments platform all in one device.

It comes with two big touchscreen displays. Keep them connected for a small footprint on your counter, or use them apart for split counters. The POS software is included, and software updates are free. Everything you need to take payments is built right into the device—all by Square. It’s easy to get started and it’s more reliable. It all works together.

Speed up your line, simplify your payments, and get paid faster. Square Register is a smarter, faster, and easier payments solution.


New from Square. More power, reliability, and speed. Hardware, software, payments, all in one. Buyer display. Seller display.

Get paid faster. Works out of the box. Speed up your line.

Square Register—Open for Business.

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